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      County changes rezoning process

      Dougherty County commissioners and audience members can now view presentations on new 60 inch monitors in the commission chamber

      The Dougherty county commission discussed a new process for rezoning matters.

      The process will be shortened from ten weeks to eight weeks in order to help speed things along for local residents and businesses waiting on those requests.

      Before, a rezoning matter would come before the commission at three separate meetings to be voted on.

      Under a new process, commissioners will be able to vote officially on the matter at the second meeting.

      If a commissioner wants to take another week to consider the matter, it must first be approved by a total of four commissioners.

      Commissioners also unveiled two new 60 inch television monitors.

      The monitors are for commissioners to better see presentations, such as rezoning matters.

      Before, commissioners used a large screen which was not easily seen by everyone attending the meetings.