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      Counties work to restore roads to working conditions

      After Worth and Mitchell County were hit hard during the recent storms that came through Southwest Georgia, their public works departments are still working hard to get everything back to normal.Worth County has brought their road closures down from 44 to 7 closures in the weeks since rainfall almost all of Mitchell County's 18 closed roads are now open.Roy Jackson with Worth County Public Works says the county is keeping up with their damaged roads by keeping a list of each according to which district they fall in. Jackson says they're currently assessing which are the most urgent and are working their way down the list.The county has seen a total of $1.5 million in damages from the storm, but didn't qualify for assistance because the 18 counties hit needed to total more than $13 million in damages. With only 3 of the 18 counties filing for assistance, their $5.5 million in damages wasn't enough, but WCPW says they're still going to fight to get assistance.Mitchell County Administrator Clark Harrell says their area faired better because of the preventive measures they took clearing out the storm drains and ditches. Only a couple of roads remain closed due to flood damage, but Mitchell County Public Works officials say they're replacing the pipes to be able to open the areas again.Harrell says the potentially expensive storm did not hit the county too hard because the water cleared out quickly, and after seeing how well it worked this time, they'll continue to put more preventive measures in place for the next storm.

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