Counterfeit couponer caught in Dougherty County

Items were recovered from the shopping sprees conducted by Hallock. / Colby Gallagher

Dougherty County Police arrest a man after he was accused of using counterfeit coupons in North Carolina and Florida.

On April 26th, DCP received an anonymous tip that there was man at Kitty's Flea Market that was involved with illegal couponing. This man was Marvin Henry Hallock.

They found 185 coupons on him from 31 different manufacturers at the time of the arrest with the coupons totaling $1082.50. They are not sure how much he used over time, but Hallock said he had been doing this for four to five months.

After searching his property, a U-Haul truck was found with 401 items totaling $1996.68. He said that he purchased for $1200, but officials were not sure of that claim. He was attempting to sell the items on Craigslist for $1900.

The face value of Hillock's coupons made them worth more than the value than some of the items he was purchasing. Some of the Wal-Marts that he visited had denied the usage of his coupons. Officials gave an example of one transaction completed by Hallock that made his items total $124.61 before taxes and coupons. After coupons and tax, his total ended up being. $14.89.

Hallock is being charged with five felony counts of forgery in second degree and was out on parole at the time of his arrest. Sergeant Kilpatrick of the Dougherty County Police Department said he could be indicted for each coupon, but that decision will be left to the District Attorney's Office.

DCP is working with Wal-Mart to continue the investigation. North Carolina officials are also looking at potential charges in the case.

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