Council on Aging needs air conditioner, fan donations

The SOWEGA Council on Aging is looking for donated air conditioners and fans to help senior citizens in the heat

The Southwest Georgia Council on Aging is looking for donations and air conditioners to help elderly neighbors who may be without a cooling system in the triple-digit temperatures of summer.

"What we're looking for is of course people can do one of two things: they can send us a donation or check -- bring a check by and we purchase them ourselves -- or they can go purchase them and bring them to us. Then we'll get them out to the most needy," says Assistant Director Debbie Blanton.

Blanton says they have case managers working with their clients, and they help determine if they need an air conditioning unit or a box fan.

If the general public calls asking about how they can get an air conditioner or fan, Blanton says they will be asked a number of questions before the SOWEGA C.O.A. determines if they have a need for a free unit.

Currently the organization has seven units.

If you would like to help the SOWEGA Council on Aging by making a donation, you can visit their location at 1105 Palmyra Road or call them at (229) 432-1124 for more information.

For those who receive a unit, Blanton says the units are enough to cool one room and not a whole house, so be sure to put the unit in a room that's frequently used.