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      Could you be eligible for a health insurance rebate?

      8.5 million Americans may be eligible for a rebate check due to the Medical Loss Ratio or 80/20 rule under the Affordable Care Act. The average family will see a rebate of around $100, and many Southwest Georgians say they could use the money.

      "Buy groceries and gas, most definitely. It would be actually something that I think that I could really, really use right now," said Roderick Almond.

      "I would put it towards my education, such as using it for school to better myself," said Darton State College Student Robert Douglas.

      "With an extra hundred dollars I would just put it in my mom's car, the gas in my mom's car and the other $50 would probably just help me with food or something," said Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Student Tre TMMon Mills.

      The refunds are issued as part of the guideline introduced by President Barack Obama that requires insurance companies to spend at least 80% of healthcare premiums on medical care. If they don TMt meet those numbers, the company then has to pay that money back.

      In the state of Georgia alone, $15,001,161 will be refunded with the average family receiving $82. For many, they say that money is a big help.

      "Believe it or not, with this economy and what's going on right now, an extra hundred dollars would really make a difference in whether someone eats, someone can pay their light bill, or school clothes," said Almond.

      However not all of the 8.5 million people will see a direct check for the money spent on hospitalizations, doctors visits and more. Those who fall under a group policy, like almost half of the 247,883 residents affected in Georgia will see the refund go towards their employer who is the policy holder.

      The employer can then decide if they TMll distribute it, use it to make next year TMs premiums lower, or offer more benefits to employees in the future.

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