Could the MCLB be downsized?

A committee could be formed that could decide if the Marine Corps Logistics Base should be downsized / File

A committee may be formed that could determine if Albany's Marine Corps Logistics Base gets downsized.

That's the word from Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

He said a BRAC--or a Base Realignment and Closure Committee--was proposed in congress.

However, he says it's doubtful it would be approved this year.

A committee has been formed that represents all nine bases in Georgia, and Sinyard says they'll be prepared to fight for our base.

"Locally, our Marine Corps Logistics Base is one of the most efficient; it's one of the strongest and most well managed depots in the world. And we want that story to be told," says Sinyard.

The Georgia Military Affairs Coordinate Committee will meet for the first time next Thursday and Friday at Warner Robins Air Force Base to discuss a strategy.

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