Could Sunday Sales be back on the ballot?

Alcohol for sale, except for Sundays in Dougherty County. / Allen Carter

Albany was one of few places to shoot down Sunday alcohol sales on Tuesday, but there is a real possibility the issue could end up back on the ballot.

127 communities in Georgia voted on Sunday alcohol sales. 105 of them said yes. But Albany wasn't one of them.

"It's a contentious issue. It means a lot of things to a lot of different people what's interested is that it does make Albany unique. We are the Bible Belt we are right in the middle of and it does say something about our community that we didn't pass it this time," said Albany City Commissioner Bob Langstaff.

If there is one place you'd think would be in favor of alcohol sale on the Sabbath, it might be a liqueur store. But not for Billy Davis over at Ace's Liqueur.

"I'm glad it didn't pass, the vote was actually a lot closer than I thought it was going to be. I believe that we will sell just as much in six days as we do in seven. I don't think it will be helpful to the business," said Davis.

But four other areas in Southwest Georgia did pass Sunday sales. Davis does admit that if surrounding counties do start selling liqueur Dougherty County may be obligated to follow suit.

"I can see it passed in the future. I don't think there is any way around it, I don't think we can avoid it," said Davis.

Commissioner Langstaff brought forth the referendum to get Sunday sales on the ballot. But he says putting it up for a vote again may take some time.

"My understanding is that in two years it can come back up again. And I'll tell you I would put it back on the ballot my vote would be to do that just because the turnout was so low," said Langstaff.

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