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      Could area hospitals benefit from Phoebe job cuts?

      On Thursday, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital announced they cut 127 positions because their trying to reduce operating costs by $10 million.

      Because of questions from you on our Facebook page, we got a more detailed look at where those cuts are coming from. Officials tells FOX 31, 97 of the cuts are coming from Phoebe's main campus, 18 are coming Pheobe Sumter, and 12 are coming from Phoebe Dorminy Hospital.

      One of the many questions that came in through Facebook was from Kathy Harris Lee. She asked, "how many of those jobs that will be or were cut are upper level management?"

      FOX 31 reached out to Phoebe, and Rick Smith, Director of Public Relations and Marketing says, "we will not release the specific positions to the media due to issues of confidentiality."

      But from those cuts, other local hospitals in Southwest Georgia says they can definitely reap the benefits.

      "We are having tremendous problems finding good qualified staff," says Robin Rau.

      Back in August FOX 31 reported that Miller County Hospital in Miller County were in desperate need for employees and going out of their way to find workers. Robin Rau, CEO and president of the hospital says that problems still exists.

      "If there are people out there that want to work for a good organization and want to get back on the employment roles here, then we're a place that they should be looking for."

      Rau adds that their main position in demand are for skilled nurses, but she says they're willing to give anyone else a try.

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