Costs and fees on the agenda at Water, Gas, and Lights

Board members began discussion of an electric rate study and increasing their penalty fees.
/ Sean Streicher

Water, Gas and Light discussed raising rates and penalty fees for users at their Thursday morning meeting.

Board members began discussion of an electric rate study; their first one conducted in eight years.

Businesses that are deemed less cost effective will see a 5% increase in their rate. Home owners, on the other hand, won't see an overall change.

"They're going down 2% in the winter time and they're going up 2% in the summer time but for the year there is no change in residential rates," said John Vansant, the WG&L Finance Director.

Also in the agenda was penalty fees charged by WG&L for meter tampering. This will be raised from $25 dollars to $50 for water service, and from $25 to $200 for electric or gas tampering. WG&L officials say they are doing as a deterrent to help keep people safe as tampering can result in injury.

Meter tampering can also incite a fine from police of up to $1000 dollars or 12 months in jail as meter tampering is also illegal.

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