Corporal punishment discussed at Dougherty School Board meeting

Dougherty County Board of Education meets Monday to discuss several topics / Matt Prichard

The Dougherty County School Board met Monday night to discuss several topics, with one of them being corporal punishment in district schools.

Harkening back to the old days when a teacher would use a ruler to gain the respect of her students, the Dougherty County School Board showed their distaste for this tactic.

"We need leadership, we need motivated leaders in our schools. And to feel like you have to touch a child, or whip a child, or use any kind of corporal punishment is out of order," said board member Darrel Ealum.

And although it may be considered Georgia law, superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree says, spanking is not a disciplinary tool that should be used in schools.

"If a parent comes to us and says, yes you can spank my child, and they mean spank, not beat, just spank. I think if it comes to that point, and we are an educational unit, I don't think we need to start handling children on that level."

Regardless of how the board feels, Georgia law clearly states that corporal punishment can be administered if consent is given by the parents. And despite heavy disagreement, some parents feel that getting their message across, is best done with a firm slap to the behind.