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      Cordele public housing residents want cap on income

      Last week FOX 31 reported some unexpected high incomes of those living in Albany and Lee County public housing. Sunday we went to Crisp County to tackle the same issue.

      FOX 31 open records requested a copy of all the tenants incomes who live in Cordele public housing and found four tenants who TMs yearly incomes are between thirty and thirty-six thousand dollars. While that TMs not as high as some surrounding areas, residents who live in Cordele public housing themselves don TMt think it TMs fair.

      Raeshonda Wallace said, there TMs a lot of people waiting for housing, a lot of people who get turned down for housing here and it TMs not right because a lot of these people can go somewhere else.

      One resident said he felt there should be a limit on tenant TMs income. Dewayne Hardeman told FOX 31, I think there should be a cap on it, I mean you have people making 13, 14 thousand dollars a year and it should be somewhere in that area.

      But when asked if they think those residents making over a standard amount should be forced to leave they didn TMt think the housing authority should be able to take it that far. Hardeman said, I mean if they TMre already in here they should just go ahead and stay, and Wallace said, Some people, it just all depends, if they TMre bringing to the community more than what others are offering I just think it TMs different, I don TMt necessarily think they should be kicked out.

      The incomes of the highest tenants were $31,683, $31,785, $33,748, AND $35,264.

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