Cops suspended for alleged conduct at bar

The alleged incident happened at Charley B's in Albany Saturday night

Two drug agents and an Albany Police officer, all off-duty at the time, are suspended after allegations of misconduct at a local bar.

Law enforcement officials are being very vague with the information they're releasing because these are just allegations and no charges have been filed. However we do know that an Albany police officer, and two drug agents, one named Daniel Ball from APD and the other from Dougherty County police, are involved. We've learned from reliable law enforcement officials at least three male officers allegedly got drunk Saturday night at Charley B's, and one passed out in the bar. While the officer was passed out, the others reportedly put their genitals on his face. There is cell phone video of the alleged incident, but police tell us they have not received a copy.

"If it becomes a criminal thing then we're going to refer it to Mr. Edwards and the D.A.'s office," said Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry." If it's not then we'll handle it as a policy and procedural violation.

Investigators are in the process of interviewing witnesses to determine violations, and whether or not a fourth officer was involved.

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