Cops, deputies go shopping with families

Some Albany families got a chance to shop with a cop

Just in time for the holidays, some Albany families got a chance to shop with a cop.

K-mart opened their doors to families that each received about $100 do some Christmas shopping. The entire tab was picked up by the police.

"You get to kind of relax and interact, especially with the kids and they get to see a special side of the police officers that they may not have seen or heard of," said Brandi Chester of the Albany Police Department.

"Some of the presents that I can't get them this year I was able to get them because of this program," Jotia Brown.

Families were selected based on financial need.

Parents and their children hit the store each with a police officer form either the Albany Police Department or the Dougherty County Police.

After the police left the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department got its turn.

The department took 16 kids to K-Mart giving them about $100 each to load up their carts.

Before going shopping, the kids load up their stomachs with a free lunch at Ryan's Steakhouse.