Cops bust up murder for hire plot

Princess Eatmon / Dougherty County Jail

What started off as a check fraud investigation leads to a woman being arrested in a murder for hire plot.

Princess Eatmon had already been arrested in connection with the check fraud case. But when she bonded out of jail police say she started looking for someone to kill the person she thought "dropped the dime" on her.

The only problem is Eatmon called a middle man who was already being held in the Mitchell County Jail.

"It tells you when you call that the conversation will be recorded," said Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick of the Dougherty County Police. "She was on her cell phone driving around Albany and he was on the other end giving here turn by turn direction on how to locate the hitman. What she didn't know was the hitman she was actually looking for was in the dougherty county jail."

Both Eatmon and Kevinall Wheeler, the alleged middle man, now face three charges including conspiracy to commit murder.

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