Copper thieves want more than pennies

When you think of copper, you think of pennies but burglars want something more than one cent.

Just this week an abandoned Taco bell was burglarized. Copper pipes were stolen from the abandoned building, and right around the corner copper scraps were stolen from a home on Tuesday.

According to the Moultrie Police Department, Gregorio Perez, filed a police report saying around 60 pounds of Copper and aluminum were stolen from his backyard.

Fox 31 went to the home of Perez and although he wasn't there we spoke to his cousin-in-law Soledad Lowman who says a year's worth of saving up scrap metal was stolen from their backyard. Now, his three kids are afraid to go outside. Lowman continues to says along with burglary, crime is happening way too often in her area.

But this isn't just a Moultrie problem it's happened more than often in Southwest Georgia. People try to cash in stolen cooper; and when it's stolen its usually in pipe form from cars or air conditioning systems.

Timothy Harvey with the Albany Police Department says the relatively new regulations placed in Georgia help catch copper burglars. A worker at Southeastern Aluminum Recycling said now if you want to cash in copper they need a copy of identification, they have to write a description of the copper, and they can only pay you in checks. Owner of AAA Recycling & Core Supply says he just doesn't bother gathering copper or aluminum from individuals at all. He only buys copper from commercial businesses.

Harvey says even with the regulations in place copper crime usually fluctuates depending on the how much it's worth at the time.

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