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      Cooking for a cure

      An Ashburn community is coming together in support of their own.

      Members of Christian Union Church of God and the owners of Pat's Place are doing what they call, Cooking for a Cure.

      The owners of Pat's Place has opened their restaurant and kitchen to feed the community all in support of their Brother in Christ, 45-years-old Clint Britt who's been suffering for the past two weeks with a brain tumor.

      Restaurant owner Larry Taylor says Britt is such a staple in the community and wanted to do something to help.

      "It's just close to my heart. He's a brother close to my heart, I woke up one morning and the Lord laid it own me to help him, and now I'm helping, and that's what we want to do."

      Taylor adds that 100% of the money earned will go to the Britt family.

      They expect more than 100 people from all around the community to show up and support.

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