Convicted murderer seeks third trial

Mack Trimble Jr. seeks a third trial. / Courtesy Moultrie Observer

A Moultrie man convicted in the 2005 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend is headed back to court.

Mack Trimble Jr. will go before the Colquitt County Superior Court Wednesday seeking a third trial.

He's been convicted twice in the 2005 murder of Cegi Hall.

Trimble is sentenced for shooting hall in the leg and back of the head in front of a large crowd on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Moultrie.

He was originally tried and convicted in 2006 but was allowed a second trial after protesting that a jury member should not have served on his case.

Trimble is sentenced to serve 10-years-to-life in prison.

A Colquitt County court clerk says a hearing for his appeal was scheduled for Monday but has been postponed until Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.