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      Controversial move leads to backlash from Albany City Commission

      A lot of big news has come from the city of Albany.

      First, Tom Berry, former general manager for Water, Gas and Light abruptly resigned.

      Then, Albany City Manager, James Taylor made what some are calling a controversial move.

      Two Albany City Commissioners have confirmed to FOX 31 News Albany City Manager James Taylor gave a risk management employee a bonus of $20,000.

      Their issue: everyone wasn't in the loop.

      Albany City Commissioner Roger Marietta says, "generally speaking if he's going to do something that's controversial he should at least let the Mayor know about it."

      FOX 31 News reached out to the City Manager's Office for comment and were told he was out until Monday, but Taylor is quoted in the Albany Herald as saying, "if somebody else comes up with a way to save us $300,000, $400,000, $500,000 on a consistent basis, i'll give them a bonus, too."

      FOX 31 reached out to Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, but were told she was out of the office.

      Also making headlines, Water, Gas and Light General Manager Tom Berry resigned after less than a year in office, opening the door for someone else.

      Assistant City Manager Wes Smith tells FOX 31 News the new interim General Manager for WG&L is Central Services Manager Stephen Collier, Smith says he's confident in the decision.

      "It may be a little slower as he's got to get up to speed. We have authorized the advertisement of the permanent position so that would continue to move forward," says Smith.