Consumers urged to shop small on Small Biz Saturday

A shopper browses the goods at a local store. / Allen Carter

Betsy Cox grew up in a family that owned a small business and now she even owns one herself. So when it comes to shopping, understandably, she's a little biased.

"I don't do the malls a whole lot but I do like the small business shopping," said Cox. "It's a unique difference. They have a lot of things to offer and just a larger variety."

This Saturday her store of choice was the Livi & Company Marketplace.

But it wasn't just any Saturday; it was Small Business Saturday, a national effort on the day after black Friday to get consumers out of big box retailers and into small local businesses.

"It's a great idea. I really like the ads that I've seen on TV. for them and I think that we need to keep local businesses in business and be able to support them," said Cox.

And many of the business are playing too, enticing shoppers with discounted merchandise.

"We always plan for the day after thanksgiving and Saturday just to be a big time in the store to offer specials to our customers. Just a lot of people from out of time and locals come out to see us on those days," said Betsy Cox, owner of Livi & Company.

Businesses say they do notice some increase in foot traffic.

"After lunch we usually see a lot more people come out and basically it's just to get away from the big business of the mall and the bigger places and it's kind of a breather. A lot of people are kind of breather. A lot of people are settling in, in the afternoon and we get to see a lot of people then," said Bone.