Construction starts for Butterfly Kisses playground

Lee County has a new playground for kids but it's going to serve a special purpose

Lee County has a new playground for kids but it's going to serve a special purpose.

"It's been four months in the planning process and today is the day it's going to be built," said Traci Henry of Butterfly Kisses, who organized the build.

It wasn't just any play ground. It was one specifically designed for special needs children.

"We have handicap swings; we have a wheelchair swing specifically. The wheelchair can roll up on the chair lock in and they can swing," said Henry.

The labor came free with volunteering helping hands from the community. Pepsi picked up that tab for the materials.

"I put in for an application with Pepsi, and said what do I have to lose? I put in for a $50,000 grant and if I win it I want to build a playground for these children in our community. Well I won it in two months," said Henry.

The Butterfly Kisses organization also the won over the hearts of Reeves Construction, who provided some hands and expertise.

"Giving back to the children more so then anything and we felt that it would be a fantastic community project to help with," said Sam Tullio, of Reeves Construction.

Even though it's a playground putting it together takes a lot of hard work, but with more than 200 people volunteering their time. They say they're going to get it done today.

"We have one day, whether it takes us 12 hours, 15 hours I don't know. We're going to be here all day," said Henry.

When it's done it will be one of a few in the country.

"There's not one in Southwest Georgia. I think the closest one is Dothan. And there is one in Florida," said Henry.