Conservationists discuss argiculture hot topics

Region V of GACDS met Tuesday in Dawson to discuss conservation

The South Georgia region of the Georgia Association of Conservation District Supervisors met today in Dawson to discuss and develop ideas on how to best use our natural resources.

Right now the hot topic is water conservation, and in the recession State Conservationist James Tillman says conservation has become even more important for farmers. He says they've had over 500 applicants from right here in South Georgia for a piece of $2.5 million dollars in incentive money to start their own conservation programs.

"We've developed smaller contracts say for instance, instead of doing an $80,000 contract, now we're doing more in the neighborhood of $20,000 to allow producers to get conservation on the ground, but it will put food on the table and send their young boys and girls to college," Tillman said.

The group also toured the National Peanut Research Lab as part of Tuesday's meeting.

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