Congressman Kingston visits Camilla

Congressman Kingston spoke to Camilla farmers today in an effort to address major issues. / Matt Prichard

Congressman Jack Kingston visited residents of Camilla on Wednesday, discussing Washington politics and what issues matter most to Southwest Georgians.

The hot topic was agriculture with local farmers sounding off on new reform that hurts the farming industry.

"Trade policies are a huge issue for farmers in Southwest Georgia, we want to make sure that our representative is opening those trading lanes so we can have access to oversea markets," said local farmer, James Adams.

Congressman Kingston took questions from several other local farmers and spoke afterwards on the importance of building up our agriculture business in the United States.

"The miracle of it is that we only have 2% of the country growing, and their feeding 100% of the nation, plus other parts of the globe. So making their job easier, and giving them the tools they need is extremely important," said Congressman Kingston.

Those that attended said they enjoyed visiting with the congressman and hope he continues to represent Georgia in the coming years.

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