Confidence of small business in Southwestern Georgia

In our Facebook story of the day, you wanted to know if small businesses are becoming more confident in Southwest Georgia.

Bo Henry owns several small businesses in Southwest Georgia.

"We haven't seen any big booms anytime and we've been fortunate to stay steady, but we're definitely confident that this is going to turn around," said Henry.

But not all business owners feel the same. The Then and Now Boutique has been in the consignment shop business for 22 years.

Allyson Heart, owner Then and Now Boutique says "we've been real busy this year. Started out a great 2012 and hope to keep it going and try and keep our prices reasonable so people feel like they are getting a good deal."

And a business owners have suggestions on how to make the business climate better.

"Anyway that you could get a break on putting someone else to work, i think it would definitely be helpful to the people that are out there employing people," said Henry.