Comparing the price of daycare to college tuition

In our Facebook Story of the Day, you wanted to know how the price of daycare and the price of college compared.

According to a national child care study, in Georgia, the average cost of college is more than $5,196 per year while infant child care is $7,200, making daycare more expensive than college. But daycare for school-age children is an estimated $2,000 less than the average college tuition, averaging at $3,200.

The range in prices relating to the age of a child stems from the amount of care required from each age group.

"When they're very young they depend on us much more than as opposed to a three year old whose pretty much growing into their independency and saying 'I don't need your help in holding a spoon, you don't need to feed me, I can basically do this on my own,'" says Monique Evans, director of a new child care center, Genesis New Beginnings at 1321 Radium Springs Road.

Evans charges parents $109 per week for infant child care at her facility -- coming out to roughly $5,668 annually -- and approximately $80 per week for potty-trained children. But Evans says you can't put a price on safety for children. Safety is what she says she offers at her facility, along with educational classes and three meals a day.

Locally, tuition per year is roughly $6,096 at Albany State University, $3,534 at Darton College and $2,094 at Albany Technical College. According to these numbers, infant child care at Genesis New Beginnings is cheaper than paying tuition at Albany State University.