Company seeks criminal charges against Mediacom

L2 Networks say Mediacom engaged in acts of identity theft, anticompetitive behavior and market manipulation and is seeking criminal charges for the alleged actions

/ Colby Gallagher

L2 Networks announced on Thursday that they're seeking criminal charges against Mediacom Communications and have asked the State Department of Justice and State Attorney's Office to look into the matter.

The company alleges Mediacom engaged in acts of identity theft, anticompetitive behavior and market manipulation, which is detailed in the release below.

L2Networks ("L2N") is pursuing criminal charges against Mediacom Communications Corporation and
at least one of its call-center employees as the Georgia-based company is alleging that there were acts of identity theft,
wire fraud and a number of other infractions that took place in violation of Iowa, Georgia state and federal laws. The
alleged acts originated from a Mediacom call center in Des Moines, Iowa.
L2N has sent open letters to the Iowa State Department of Justice and the Georgia State Attorney's office as well as to
several other agencies. The organization has requested that a formal investigation be immediately undertaken into the
actions of Mediacom, its employees and officers. L2N also believes that Mediacom engaged in anti-competitive behavior
and market manipulation in contradiction to state and federal laws and that these actions have provided Mediacom
with an unfair competitive advantage.
Craig Davis, the senior technical operations manager of L2N's Southeast region, began investigating these allegations
after he was alerted to a suspicious series of events. Call center staff had received multiple inbound technical support
requests from the same commercial customer, and this person had repeatedly requested technical information regarding
their account, information that should have already been known to this person/entity.
Mr. Davis then made contact with this person to confirm the customer's identity and to disclose the requested information.
He did this himself as a precaution to avoid inadvertent disclosure of confidential customer proprietary network
information (CPNI). However, the customer then communicated to Mr. Davis that she was unaware that she had made
any such request and that she had not contacted L2N on multiple occasions.
After Mr. Davis notified Kraig Beahn, the acting CEO of L2N, and the executive team, an internal investigation was immediately
launched. It was at this time that it was discovered that the calls that had included fraudulent impersonations
of one of L2N's customers had originated from Mediacom's business sales and support center in Des Moines.
L2Networks has also identified multiple occasions when Mediacom has impersonated L2Networks in order to transfer
telephone numbers from L2N's service and to acquire wholesale customer records otherwise deemed confidential and
trade-secret to L2Networks.

FOX 31 reached out to Mediacom for their response and Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs Tom Larsen said the company is not concerned.

"I think it's just simply an open letter to the State Attorney General but I think to me it appears to be an attempt by L2 to divert attention away from its business troubles," said Larsen.

Mediacom officials say they're referencing the January 2012 arrest of L2 CEO Kraig Beahn for felony theft of service for allegedly tapping into Mediacom's network in order to sell services.

State representatives have not yet responded to the claim.