Company says Georgia is ready for solar power

The CEO of Mage Solar USA says Albany is a great environment for solar power

It's no doubt that the sun in Georgia is abundant, as is very apparent by our summers. That's why one company says the Peach State is ready for Solar Power.

Mage Solar says Georgia ranks third in the county for the state with the most potential to generate and export solar power, but only ranks 32 for usage.

"Albany is just a great environment," says CEO Joe Thomas. "We look at the sun and radiation grids and when you compare anywhere in the United States compared to Europe who uses it the most much better sunlight daylight hours and time of use and those type things and Georgia's one of the leading states for that."

Thomas also says solar power could create 26 percent job growth.

Solar power panels are already being created for cars, streetlights and even portable packs for laptops.