Community unites through prayer at annual breakfast

The breakfast was held at the Hilton Garden Inn

Music and prayer filled the room at the 38th Annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. The event is hosted each year by the Albany-Dougherty National prayer committee. Committee co-chair Wanda Mitchell says the breakfast is to join in prayer with others. "We just feel like prayer is the answer to the problems we have locally, in the state, national and in the world. So we just get a lot of people together who believe the same thing," says Mitchell.

More than 300 people turned out for the annual event. "They enjoy the fellowship and are able to meet other people of like minds and faith. And to share their experiences, then hear from somebody who comes and encourages them," says Mitchell.

And this year that somebody was Daniel Tolan; a physician and Medical Missionary. "I've spent 33 years with world gospel mission based out of Indiana. And most of our work has been in Africa, mainly Kenya," says Tolan.

And while Albany is far from Kenya, his message is the same. "We all have a story that's important and what I'm really trying to do is help people understand that god is asking us to help tell his story to the world and helping people," says Tolan.

But the breakfast isn't just about praying for our local, state, and national leaders, it's about uniting our community. "We all just need to come together and support each other and encourage each other," says Mitchell.

"We've tended to lose a sense of community in our culture we're really oriented to self. And I really think that as we reach out to others we encourage others and make a huge difference for other people," says Tolan.

Tolan says praying together shows the community there is still hope. "Through us being able to reach out and help other people we can help them know that there is hope for the future," says Tolan.

Many folks say they enjoyed the breakfast and plan attending again next year.