Community talks of how to spend grant money

Folks in the community talk about how they want to see the block grant spent in Albany

The Community Development Block grant will soon be voted on, and input on how to spend that money is being gathered from those in the community.

At a town hall meeting Saturday morning, folks talked about using the $1.2 million to go toward decreasing crime, improving transportation and better housing.

One concern is, there's talk of cutting the block grant by as much as 68%.

Latoya Cutts with Economic Development says that would hurt the city in more ways than one.

"And we wouldn't be able to provide the home rehabs, we wouldn't be able to participate in affordable housing projects, we wouldn't be able to provide public service grants to some of our non-profit agencies that we partner with," Says Cutts.

The information gathered Saturday will be turned over to the city commission who has until April to get it to Housing and Urban Development.

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