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      Community takes a bus trip around Lee County schools

      The Lee County School System opened it's schools and bus doors to the community Tuesday morning.The school system held its annual networking event for all of the schools in the system and offered those attending a bus ride around the system.Included in the tour was an orientation session at the central office with Superintendent Lawrence Walters, then visiting Pre-K, Lee County Primary, Lee County Middle, and Twin Oaks Elementary.

      "We want them to come in and see what we're doing, we want them to see the students in the classes the teachers teaching, and see what they're paying for with their tax dollars", said Walters.During orientation Walters kicked the day off by showing how Lee County produces high achieving students; despite spend less money per student then the state average. He also explained next years rezoning, which he said is meant to benefit everyone.Parents like, Wendy Newell, say the school bus tour is a great opportunity, "We're able to see things that a lot of people aren't seeing because they're not coming and getting involved in the Lee County School System."

      This is the 7th year for the Lee County school bus tour, they are usually held every fall.