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      Community speaks out on burglaries

      The Albany Police Department is investigating a string of burglaries that happened in East Albany over the weekend.Among the victims were Dollar General, Beauty World, LaFuentes Mexican Restaurant, Hardee's, and Discount Liquors.FOX 31 spoke to the owner of Baby World Developmental Daycare which is right behind one of the burglarized businesses. She said this is something she worries about every day and she's thankful her business hasn't yet been a target. She thinks there needs to be stricter consequences for those found guilty of these crimes; she thinks criminals think that "crime pays" and that needs to change.Several of the burglaries took place in Commissioner Jon Howard's district who says any time things like this happen he's disappointed but it just motivates him to work harder to decrease the crime. Howard encourages residents and businesses to have camera's, alarm systems, and to always lock their doors and windows, especially at night.

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