Community reacts to USPS stopping Saturday mail delivery

USPS makes decision to stop delivering mail on Saturday / File

The United States Postal Service announced they will no longer be delivering mail on Saturday's starting the first week of August.

Officials with USPS said the move will save them nearly two billion dollars annually. They also said the decision is partially due to a decline in letters and mail because of an increase in internet and email use.

Fox 31 talked with people in the community who agree, there has been a decrease in the usage of the mail system because of the internet and social media. Gwen Bridges said she feels like social media is taking over, and completely eliminating the need to send a letter. Bridges said she misses the days where sending a letter was one of the only forms of communication. She said there is nothing like opening your mailbox and getting a handwritten letter.

Although mail delivery will be moving to a Monday through Friday schedule, package delivery will remain Monday through Saturday.

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