Community Meeting on TSPLOST

A community discussion happened early Friday on the subject of TSPLOST which is the transportation for special purpose local option sales tax.

Many elected officials and community members came together to talk facts about what TSPLOST is and is not.

Georgia Assembly Representative Winfred Dukes says "it is a tax that invests in specifically to the economic growth of our community."

This penny tax for our roads and bridges will be voted on in late July and but officials say there still a lot of work that needs to be done to get the message out.

For Southwestern Georgia, we could see an increase in the job numbers if this legislation is moved forward.

Representative Ed Rynders of the Georgia Assembly says "it's an estimate that over 10,000 jobs will be created that not including the shopping center that may open up and create an economic corridor area."

Dan Bollinger, Executive Director of Southwest Georgia Regional Commission Bollinger says expanding Route 133 will impact the region as well.

"That's a project that needs to happen if we're going to keep the marine base that employs four thousand plus people as well as other economic development opportunities," said Bollinger.

On Monday, local leaders will be coming back together to talk about more ways to promote TSPLOST at the Bridge House for the July 31st vote.