Community legislators meet at Turner Jobs Corps Center

Turner Job Corps Center held it's annual Legislative Luncheon Tuesday. / Matt Prichard

The Turner Job Corps Center held its annual, Legislative Affairs Day & luncheon Tuesday, welcoming in local business owners and legislators from around the state.

"Our Legislative Affairs Day is designed not only to make our officials and community leaders aware of the wonderful things that are happening at TJCC, but more importantly to learn what it is that we can do to better collaboratively support workforce development in the communities that we live and work in," said Business & Community Liaison, Calandra Jefferson.

The event featured the presentation of the, "business community leader of the year" award, along with the, "Legislator of the year," award.

Established in 1964, Job Corps has trained and educated more than 2-million young people, serving approximately 60,000 young adults each year at 125 centers across the country.

Job Corps is the leading career technical training and education program in the country, and is administered through the United States Department of Labor.

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