Community helps save animals

Animal control rescued 25 dogs and 5 puppies from the home Monday morning after an anonymous tip.

/ Melanie Kendall

Sledge Road is a quiet street. The cows at the dairy farm don't even moo. 585 Sledge Road has a couch and some dog food on its front porch, but you don't hear barking, at least not anymore.

"It smelled horrible. There's a dairy farm nearby and you could smell the house before you could smell the dairy farm," said Sherri Henley, director of Animal Control.

Animal control rescued 25 dogs and 5 puppies from the home Monday morning after an anonymous tip.

"These dogs had been there for years and their condition was sorely deteriorated, multiple illnesses, disease, parasites they were in terrible condition," said Shelly McPhaul with Best Friends Humane Society.

Mary Louise Lee and Stanley Lamar Boone both face animal cruelty charges but according to Worth County Sherriff Jeff Hobby, Boone said he was just trying to help the animals.

"Mr. Boone said yesterday that he was just finding strays on the road and just bringing them home to take care of them," said Hobby.

The puppies got the all clear from the vet. They're busy growing and being taken care of by Best Friends Human Society who also took in the puppy mill puppies just a few weeks ago.

"Animal control got the call about this hoarding situation, I believe due to an awareness that came about from the publicity of the puppy mill," said McPhaul.

To be on the lookout for other animal cruelty cases:

Listen for excessive barking

A strong smell

Lots of animal in a single home and if those dogs aren't being let outside

Lack of ventilation for animals

Any unusual other circumstances

"Tell us about any unusual situations you have, in your neighborhood, even if you just pass by somewhere and you see something that looks a little fishy, give us a call and we'll investigate it," said Henley.

The puppies should be ready for adoption from Best Friends Human Society in about 6-8 weeks.

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