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      Commissioners vote against sports program funding

      After weeks of discussion, Dougherty County commissioners have denied funding for the National Youth Sports Program.

      We did not fund it because we don't have the money to fund it with. It's the taxpayers money of Dougherty County and the money's just not there, said Commissioner Jack Stone.

      Before the final decision was made, the director over the program approached the board reassuring commissioners that the summer sports program does offer ten hours of alcohol and drug prevention.Commissioner John Hayes wanted to know whether or not children who participated in the program in the past have been tracked to see if the program kept them on the right path. NYSP Director Robert Skinner says children haven't been followed over the years.Now that the board has denied funding for the program, Skinner says he will have to look into the private sector for financial support.

      We know that there are individuals who love the program, who've worked hard in the program and who will be willing to fund the program, said Robert Skinner, Director for the National Youth Sports Program.

      Skinner says there will likely be a decrease in staffing and fewer children accepted into the program.

      Registration for the National Youth Sports Program is set for June 1st. The program will start on June 3rd.

      Also during the meeting, Dougherty County commissioners voted to raise the garbage tipping fee 2.9 percent. This fee is imposed on garbage companies who dump in the county's landfill.

      It's better to do it every year a little bit each time and then it's not so hard on them, said Jack Stone.

      Commissioner Stone says by raising the fee in small doses once a year, it keeps companies from imposing a large fee on residents.