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      Commissioners updated proposed multi-modal site

      In Tuesday's Albany City Commission meeting, officials brought forth an update on the multi-modal site.Commissioners chose the current Oglethorpe site as the locally preferred site in a previous meeting. Now that the site has been chosen, city leaders want to perform an environmental assessment on the site.Assistant City Manager Wes Smith asked commissioners to allow pricing to be conducted for a company to perform an assessment. The study would take approximately eight to ten months to complete.Commissioner Tommy Postell says the city should have other options just in case the chosen site doesn't work out after an assessment.Initially, there were three sites being considered for the multi-modal site.In phase one $35,000 was spent for studies on all three sites before the chosen site was selected.City Manager James Taylor agreed that a second choice should be selected.Postell says we don't need a firm evaluating the Oglethorpe site until there is a second choice selected.There is no allocation of funds for the multi-modal site from the.Commissioner Roger Marietta says if it takes eight to ten months to conduct a study on the first site then that's enough time to select a second option.The assistant city attorney will bring forth additional information about the assessment on the Oglethorpe multi-modal site.

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