Commissioners up the price of alcohol fees

Alcohol license fees go up for local vendors. / Jessica Fairley

Albany city commissioners have upped the price to sale alcohol in the city.

Starting July 1st alcohol license fees will go up by 28 percent, and then there will be another raise in January of 2015.

Package stores that sale liquor, beer, and wine will eventually end up paying $3,775 to obtain a liquor license.

This is the first time that commissioners have raised the price in 10 years.

After the second rate increase, the price for Albany alcohol licenses will be connected to the Consumer Price Index. The annual fees will increase each year based on the CPI. This gradual increase process will start in January 2016.

Officials say the alcohol license fee increase will bring the city closer to what other areas pay in the state.

"I don't think it will have really much of an effect on us, although it's a pretty substantial increase. For a smaller business, I think it will be tougher on them and may cause a few of the smaller stores to close," said Louis Bernard, Manager of the Warehouse Package Store in Albany.

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