Commissioners talk budget change

Lee County Board of Commissioners discuss issues in Tuesday night meeting. / Matt Prichard

Lee County Board of Commissioners met this evening to discuss an amendment to their budget process.

With a new county administrator in place, the goal is to open better communication, and in turn create a more organized budget.

Chairman Rick Muggridge says although it's late in the budget season, he feels this is the best way to move Lee County in the future.

"The budget process is by far the most important thing the board of commissioners does. We want to make sure we're hearing from everyone and we also want to make sure that everyone understands what's driving our decisions," said Muggridge.

Budget changes not the only topic for commissioners though as they also discussed the new car title tax, and how it will affect their tax dollars in 2013.

"To make us whole they're allowing us part of the proceeds from the car tag tax to make up for the money we would theoretically lose in sales tax," said Muggridge.

Muggridge says eventually this 'quick fix' will be phased out once a better solution is chosen.