Commissioners split on Mayor Pro-tem position

Christopher Pike says he feels up to the challenge of being Mayor Pro-tem his first year

Even though he was elected just yesterday, commissioners are in disagreement on an issue concerning Christopher Pike's position.

Each year, the City Commission rotates commissioners, each taking a turn to be Mayor Pro-tem. This year, that honor falls on Ward three. The only problem--Ward three's commissioner is brand new to the job. Christopher Pike, however, says he is ready for the challenge. Pike ran for City commissioner four years ago and attends City meetings. Commissioner Bob Langstaff says the position is not so much given to the person, as the ward. The people in Ward three deserve their chance to be represented by Mayor Pro-tem, Langstaff argues. Current Mayor-Pro-tem, Dorothy Hubbard think Pike will be overwhelmed with the learning curve. Three commissioners voted in favor of Pike taking the position, while three voted against.

Mayor Willie Adams was not able to make the meeting today to break the tie, so commissioners will vote again in December.

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