Commissioners seek grant for road repairs

Worth County Board of Commission.

The Worth County Board of Commissioners is looking to find funds to improve county roads.

Commissioners are considering a $500,000 grant that can be used for upgrades on low to moderate income areas. Consultants approached the board during Thursday night's meeting about how the funds could be used.

Officials say the Joyce Road area out in district one has been surveyed and is need of repairs.

Commissioner Joe Gaines says the weather has taken a toll on the roadways in his area. He says this grant could be used to improve the infrastructure.

They are not really passable for a lot of folks and they cause hardship on the ambulance, fire and all of that. So we're going to really concentrate on getting those roads back in shape, as well as any other roads in the county, said Joe Gaines, Worth County District One Commissioner.

Although the board didn't vote on the issue during the meeting, they say it's something they are strongly considering.

We TMve known about the grant. It's been sought by the county before but we're really pushing for it now and we may get some assistance from the state and the federal government, said Gaines.

If county officials decide to move forward and apply for the grant, they'll have to do so swiftly, being that the deadline is set for April 1st.

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