Commissioners ponder payment guidelines

The Lee County Board of Commissioners met Monday to discuss new guidelines for paying county employees.

With no current policy in use, the board hired a third party to oversee the different occupations offered through the county and how much each one is earning.

"And we needed a third party to come in and say, this job is equal to this job, and basically take a third party look at every single job in the county," said Vice-Chairman, Rick Muggridge.

Handing those duties off to Phillip Robertson of the Mercer Group, Muggridge says he feels they made the right choice.

"I'm confident that we've done this correctly. That we've been intentional about this, that we've been fair with it, and that the methodology and the methods are there, to prove that we want to be equitable," said Muggridge.

The new guidelines will take into account each employees overall skills and qualifications, along with amount of work being done on the job. The board agreed to Phillips' findings, and plan to activate the new policy as soon as possible.