Commissioners look to the future

Commissioners meet with optimism for 2013. / Matt Prichard

It's hard to believe that the first month of 2013, is nearly over. For Lee County Commissioners, they're staying ahead of the game and trying to make 2013 an even bigger and better year.

"It feels like the economy is on an upswing.....we want to make sure we're ready for that and that we grow in the right ways," said Commissioner Rick Muggridge.

For 2012, the commission held tight to their budget, and emphasized this year needs to follow the same game-plan.

"We want to make sure we fund the things that make this place attractive to employers, we want to fund the things that make life better for Lee Countians, and we want to do it all within our budget," said Muggridge.

"We want to have a balanced budget without a tax increase, we have some major road projects that need to get done, we're hoping to get the land for that, and pay off the debt as well," said Commissioner Dennis Roland.

The meeting wasn't all business though, commissioners also recognized two youth football teams that brought home championships at the end of 2012.

"We recognized the youth of our community for their championship ballgames that they won, and they represented the county well," said Roland.

Commissioners expressed their excitement for not only the coming year, but also the opportunity to do big things for the Lee County community.

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