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      Commissioners explain SPLOST VI importance, purpose

      Commissioners Gloria Gaines and John Hayes tried to gather community members to inform them about SPLOST VI at a public meeting Thursday. Gaines says she is disappointed less citizens attended.

      The commissioners are rallying support for renewal of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) penny tax. They reiterated that additional taxes are not being charged with the passing of this renewal; it will still only cost a penny.

      Those who attended received a breakdown and description of planned SPLOST VI projects. These projects include complete renovation of the Central Library and the addition of Mobile Data Terminals in police cars.

      It is so important that they understand what they TMre being asked to do and they understand what they TMre going to get for that penny, says Gaines, Dougherty County Commissioner for District 5.

      Gaines says it's important to renew the penny tax because it helps build infrastructure: The bones to gaining population, business and job growth.

      To see documents listing projected SPLOST VI projects and their budgets, visit the City of Albany and Dougherty County website here. From there, click on "WHERE DO MY SPLOST DOLLARS GO?"

      If the SPLOST renewal fails at the Nov. 2nd election, the funding will expire March 31, 2011.