Commissioner holds session to listen to constituents' concerns

A listening session was held by Dougherty County Commissioners for District 2 constituents to express opinions and concerns

A Dougherty County Commissioner is trying to get more citizens involved with the local government because he says the government relies on the public.

Commissioner John Hayes is bringing government to his constituents in District 2. He holds four listening sessions a year to allow his district's citizens to bring forward issues and concerns.

"Listening sessions are designed to bring our community together, bring citizens together and deliver the government. We literally bring the government into the backyard of our constituents," says Hayes.

Tuesday evening, County Commissioner Gloria Gaines brought up a few issues she says citizens are concerned about, including redistricting, population loss in Southwest Georgia and small business development.

Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard was the evening's guest speaker and says the population loss can be attributed to low graduation numbers, work force development and a lack of job creation. He says many manufacturing jobs left the area, taking the people with it.

Sinyard also says citizens need to have a positive attitude toward Albany and address the issues it has head on. He says people should not talk about the issues in the backroom but rather the front room.

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