Commissioner gives out 100 belts to prevent saggy pants

Commissioner Stone gave out 100 belts

Some students at Turner Elementary School received an early Christmas present from Dougherty County Commissioner Jack Stone.

Instead of complaining about baggy pants Commissioner Jack Stone put his money where his mouth is and presented 100 students from Turner Elementary School with a belt. "If you take care of the problem while they're young like these kids are now - you stop the problem later" says Stone.

For some students it was their very first belt, others said the belt will give them more confidence. 9-year-old Zachirius Smith says the belt will help him when playing sports. "My pants are always falling down when I play basketball and everybody laughs at me. Now they won't laugh cause I have a belt" says Smith.

Commissioner Stone coordinated the donation effort with Project Shield and Turner Elementary School.

Turner's Assistant Principal Carrie Kirkland says the belts will do more than hold the pants up, it'll help boost their confidence and boost their grades. "It makes them feel good about themselves because they fit in. When they're more comfortable in their attire the students do better in school. Not only will they do better academically, but they'll behave better in school" says Kirkland.

There are 200 Turner Students who still need belts and Commissioner Stone says he wants to fulfill that need. To donate money to help his efforts contact Commissioner Stone directly at 229-886-2277.