Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard qualifies to run for mayor

Dorothy Hubbard signs paperwork to qualify to run for mayor as her husband, Robert looks on / Ashley Knight

City Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard qualified to run for mayor of Albany Tuesday afternoon.

Hubbard has served as Ward II commissioner since 2005.

In her address to supporters, she stated she wants to re-brand Albany as a destination for tourism, industry and agribusinesses.

Hubbard says she wants to create more jobs by bringing industries to town, but she knows she must also build good relationships with existing industries.

"If we can work with them, it would make them feel better that we're not kind of overlooking them and to go out and we have to understand and assess where they are, help them assess where they are so that we can see where we need to go," says Hubbard.

Elections are November 8th.