Commission will vote to approve health insurance coverage

Photo Credit: Ashley Knight

The Dougherty County Commission heard changes during their Wednesday morning meeting about county employee health insurance coverage. Keeping costs low has been a trend in Dougherty County.

"The county's costs are actually lower than last year's and this is the second year they are lower than the county government norms," says Wells Fargo Insurance Services Vice President Spencer Allen.

From 2010 to 2011 they didn't see an increase in premiums, however that's likely to change this year. Employees could see a 3% cost increase.

"This year we're being presented with an increase of $16-$17 on the employee side and a $48-$50 on the employer side," says Dougherty County Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

Wells Fargo will work with the insurance review committee to create a roadmap for them to follow the next three to five years in order to keep costs low.

The commission will officially vote to approve the changes at their regular meeting next Monday.

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