Commission ratifies Phillips' proclamation

The Lee County Board of Commissioners has approved a bid to help local drivers have a safe and smooth commute.

The meeting began with a vote to ratify a proclamation that hometown hero Phillip Phillips has a day in his honor.

"Lee County commissioners proclaimed May 12th as Phillip Phillips Day for Lee County to honor him for his perseverance and accomplishments on and off the stage," says Ed Duffy, Lee County Commission Chairman.

Duffy says he'll be watching as the singer finishes out the competition that will decide his fate.

"All of Lee County will be watching. We're proud of Phillip Phillips and his accomplishments," says Ed Duffy.

After unanimously approving the proclamation, county commissioners approved a bid for two new motor graders for the city.

"It's a road scraper. It basically takes care of all of our dirt roads and maintains our ditch lines and stuff like that. It's real important to maintain our dirt roads to keep cars from having problems driving down the road," says Michael Sistrunk, Lee County Public Works Director.

He says without the new equipment county dirt roads would be filled with mud puddles after the rain and ditches could overflow causing hazardous conditions for drivers.

"It's a public safety issue. It helps us out being able to get our fire trucks and ambulances down the dirt roads where they need to be and it's also a good thing for our citizens to be able to travel as well as our school buses," says Michael Sistrunk.

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