Commission propose putting a cap on beer sales

Albany commissioner proposes idea for legislation for beer sales. / Jessica Fairley

There are more than 200 places in the Albany area that sale either beer, liquor, or wine and although there are limitations on where hard liquor and wine can be sold, there's no legislation on the proximity of beer sales.

Albany city commissioners are working to change that.

"You never know when someone's going to apply whether they will be in their rights to apply and we don't have anything legally to stop it," says Tommie Postell, Albany City Commissioner.

City officials want to document how many places in Albany sell beer compared to the population of the area.

"We don't want too many places in one geographical area where it's nothing but alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. We need to distribute it throughout the community," says Tommie Postell.

Although this is a new idea, Albany residents say they support it.

"I do feel like if they're to spread those areas around in the community it will cut down some of the traffic and some of the hazards," says Tara Jones.

While Jones agrees with the aspect of putting a cap on the amount of businesses that can sell beer within one area, one business owner says officials shouldn't stop there.

"They can have a store but they have any alcohol, that doesn't make any sense. They should put a cap for the whole store," says Nanesh Patel, Business owner.

Officials say they won't stop anyone from applying for an alcohol license, but new regulation would ensure that certain areas aren't oversaturated.