Commission passes preliminary vote for Sunday sales.

      The referendum that that would allow Sunday alcohol sales is one step closer to going to the ballot.

      Tuesday Albany city commissioners voted 5-2 in favor of a preliminary motion for the referendum.

      Most of the commissioners say it's an issue that should be decided by the voters, but others are torn by a moral dilemma.

      "The only thing that we are preventing now is people consuming alcohol in their own homes, purchasing it at a grocery store on Sunday, which doesn't make a lot of sense," said Commissioner Bob Langstaff who brought forth the motion. "If we're going to allow them to do it at a restaurant, why aren't we going to allow them to buy at a grocery store and take it home?"

      "Sunday alcohol, which I have a serious problem with because I think that there, should be a day set aside that we should rest and we should serve god," said Jon Howard, one of the 'no' votes.

      The commission will make a final vote on the referendum at their work session next Tuesday.

      If approved it will be placed on the ballot in November.